Customized Seashell Luxury Hotel Tent

Seashell Tent House is a very creative luxury tent designed and produced exclusively by us. The curved skeleton and white appearance make it look like a triangular shell, which can be built in various environments such as seaside, beach, and forest. As a semi-permanent tent house, it can be set up in a few days. With interior decoration and hotel facilities, it can not only meet the needs of customers' luxury camping sites, but also quickly create value for your campsite.


Size:5*8*3.5M,8*9*3.5M,size can be customized


Spatial Planning:Bedroom,living room,bathroom,outdoor terrace

Guest:2-4 person


Frame:The tent frame is welded and spliced by high-strength Q235 galvannized steel pipe, the frame is simple and stable, and easy to build. The steel pipe is strong and durable, and the coated surface has a long service life and can resist water and rust.

Tarpaulin:We use tear-resistant PVDF tarpaulin outside the skeleton, and the roof tightly wraps the steel frame so that it can withstand severe weather such as strong winds.

Insulation:Inside the tent, we use a double-layer insulation layer made of cotton cloth and aluminum foil, which can effectively insulate sound, keep warm, and resist cold.

Door:The entrance door adopts aluminum alloy floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which can not only ensure air circulation, but also have a wide field of vision.
The strong frame and fine materials enable our tents to have a comfortable living environment even in harsh rainy and snowy weather.Service life more than 10 years


The structure of the tent house is unique, the roof is high at the front and low at the back, wide at the front and narrow at the back, this design will sacrifice part of the living space. But we still plan a complete hotel tent supporting space in the tent.
The tent will be built on a flat platform, and there will be an outdoor terrace when entering the house, and sofas, coffee tables, and double beds can be placed inside the room. The bedroom and bathroom are separated by a backboard, and an independent toilet space and bathing space are planned.The overall living space is very spacious.