Full Transparent Glamping Glass Geodesic Dome Tent For Restaurant Hotel

Our glass geodesic dome tent is constructed with double-layer hollow tempered glass and a durable aluminum alloy frame, providing effective resistance to wind and sound.  The tent boasts an anti-peeping design to ensure privacy, while offering stunning views of the surrounding scenery from the comfort of the interior.  This customizable igloo tent is available in sizes ranging from 5-12 meters, and features a range of interior planning options including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.  It is the perfect choice for high-end hotel camps and travelers seeking a unique and comfortable accommodation experience.
Diameter(m) Ceiling Height(m) Frame Pipe Size(mm) Floor Area(㎡) Capacity (Events)
6 3 Φ26 28.26 10-15 Peoples
8 4 Φ26 50.24 25-30 Peoples
10 5 Φ32 78.5 50-70 Peoples
15 7.5 Φ32 177 120-150 Peoples
20 10 Φ38 314 250-300 Peoples
25 12.5 Φ38 491 400-450 Peoples
30 15 Φ48 706.5 550-600 Peoples

Glass Dome Renderings

Glass Material

Laminated tempered glass Laminated glass has the properties of transparency, high mechanical strength, light resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, sound insulation and UV protection. Laminated glass has good impact resistance and safety performance when broken. Laminated glass is also Can be made into insulating glass. Hollow tempered glass Insulating glass is between glass and glass, leaving a certain gap. The two pieces of glass are separated by an effective sealing material seal and spacer material, and a desiccant that absorbs moisture is installed between the two pieces of glass to ensure that the inside of the insulating glass is a dry air layer for a long time without moisture and dust. . It has good thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other properties. If various diffused light materials or dielectrics are filled between the glass, better sound control, light control, heat insulation and other effects can be obtained

Full transparent glass

Anti-peeping glass

Wood grain tempered glass

White tempered glass

Inner Space



Living Room


Camp Case